Portable 3D Scanner High Resolution

by Tony
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Portable 3D Scanner High Resolution

Portable 3D Scanner High Resolution

  • Model No.: SR-P-01 (hand held 3D scanner) Printing Interface: USB 2.0 Working Range: 800-3500mm Field Angle: 58.5, 50, 75 (H,V,D)
  • X/Y Precision: @400mm:0.3mm ; @500mm: 0.6mm @1200mm: 1mm Depth Precision: @400mm:0.3mm ; @500mm: 0.8mm @1200mm: 3mm Color Data: 640×480(VGA) Color Frame Rate: 30 FPS Data layout: 16bit Max. Power: 2.25W Pixel: 1.3million
  • Features: 1. Strong anti-interference capability, such as black hair, fabrics or shining surface. 2. Auto collage based on the characteristics of the scanned objects, do not need auxiliary jointing device.
  • 3. High-speed scanning and generate 3D data at real time. 600,000 points/second, more than ten times than common scanners. 4. Large working range 5. High color flame rate scanning. Support 24 full color scanning
  • 1. hand held 3D scanner 2. large working range. 3.3D handheld scanner of 3d body scanner

Portable 3D Scanner High Resolution high precision Operating Temperature: 10-40°C .Data Interface: USB 2.0 .Operation Range :800-3500mm

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