Tiny Garden Tools, Rustic (Set of 4)

by Tony
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Tiny Garden Tools, Rustic (Set of 4)

Tiny Garden Tools, Rustic (Set of 4)

  • size: 3″ High
  • scale: 1:12
  • material: Metal

This tiny set of metal antique styled tools includes a miniature spade, a pitchfork, a rake and a hoe. These tools will come in handy when heading out to do some work in the miniature garden. Use them for digging up carrots, raking leaves, hoeing weeds or digging a hole for planting a new flower or tree. Load all the tools up in the matching metal wheelbarrow for easier transporting. Toss in a metal watering can to water in any new plants, and bring a metal bucket or two for carrying all the gar

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Price: $ 10.99

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